Micellar water is taking the international beauty world by storm. It’s been a staple of the French skincare regime for many years, but is only recently making waves in the international community.

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The name ‘Micellar Water’ refers to the way in which this product cleans the skin – the micelles found in the water attach themselves to the oil and dirt on your skin, clearing them away. Whilst gentle and soothing, this method provides a powerful and effective cleanse, good enough to even remove eye makeup.

The nature of micellar water means there is no need for toner, and it never contains alcohol meaning it’s not harsh and can be applied around the eye area. It’s perfect for travel, when you aren’t able to access your full makeup bag, and I use it as part of my daily skincare routine.

Before I bought Bioderma’s Créaline TS H2O micellar water, I had researched a lot of different micellar waters including La Roche Posay, Vichy and Dior. There are a lot of top-brand, expensive products, but makeup artists and celebrities, but most importantly the women of Paris all swear by Bioderma. I bought two 500ml bottles in March 2014, as well as a 100ml travel size bottle, and I’m only on the second bottle now!

bioderma ts

Bioderma does a wide variety of micellar waters for all skin types. I use the Sensibio range for sensitive skin, but they also target dry, oily or combination skin. The price varies, depending on whether you buy normal or sensitive, large or small, the usual variety.

I’ve been using it as part of my skincare routine since I bought it in Paris in March, and it’s done wonders for my skin. It doesn’t irritate like most cleansers do, so I use two cotton pads to take off old makeup and make sure there’s no residual dirt, then moisturise and put my makeup on. It’s the same at night; two cotton pads, night cream and sleep. It’s such an effective and simple product that it makes life so easy, especially as I’m usually in a rush to get to lectures or to work!

As a comparison, I tried Garnier’s Micellar for a month, and although it was still an effective cleanser it was still an irritant and wasn’t as good as Bioderma. I suppose that, by virtue of it being French, Bioderma is going to be a very tough product to beat! The only temptation to switch to Garnier was that 400ml only costs £3, whereas Bioderma’s 500ml costs nearly £9.

On my holiday, I took the opportunity to widen my Bioderma experience by purchasing the travel skincare pack pictured below. It includes the travel size micellar water as well as three new products which I shall review as I test them.

bioderma set

Overall, I gave Bioderma’s Micellar Water 4/5. It cleanses, soothes and hydrates the skin in a gentle and effective fashion, and works perfectly in my skincare regime as an alternative to the harsher, soap-based makeup removers. However it takes multiple uses to completely remove makeup and clean the skin, proving that to me it cannot be used as a standalone cleanser. It is undoubtedly invaluable as a travel piece and as part of my routine!

verdict 4 of 5

Do you have a favourite micellar water? Do you use it or another form of cleanser?



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