PRODUCT REVIEW // American Eagle Outfitter Jeans

When we went to Florida in 2013, I found the perfect pair of jeans, and any woman will know just how difficult a feat that is.

We had gone into American Eagle Outfitters because, thanks to my love of all things U-S-A, I knew that it was a great shop for summer clothes. They had a sale on and I walked out with a t-shirt and a new pair of jeans which, no word of a lie, changed my life.

The jeans I bought were ‘jegging fit’, high-waisted – ‘high-rise’, and acid-washed. They were incredibly comfortable and fit like a glove. They didn’t sit too high that I felt uncomfortable, but I didn’t have to worry for a second if I was kneeling down to tie my laces or anything like that. They were the dream pair.

Naturally, I wore them to death. Seriously, I wore that one pair of jeans so much they eventually wore through and became unsalvageable. They lasted a year.

AEO recently came across the Atlantic to grace us with their presence – there are now 3 stores in the UK, in the London and Kent areas. At Easter, we visited one of the stores and I purchased two pairs of the jeans, high rise and sky high, and a further high rise pair on a trip to London last month.

I decided to originally buy light and dark wash denim – who doesn’t need one of each? – and on my last visit, treated myself to some long-desired white jeans. I thought that, at twenty years old, I would finally be able to wear white jeans without instantly ruining them!

Though each wash has slight variance in sizing, the jeans are wonderfully made. The sky high jeans, due to increased elasticity in the denim, comes up slightly larger than the thicker denim of the high rise jeans, so I sized down in order to get more wear out of them.

Wash Jeans

The Worn Out Blue High Rise Jeans, priced at £24.87 ($38.83). These were the original jeans, the ones that started it all! High Rise sits just below the naval, with real front and back pockets – definitely noteworthy. Though they are not as tight on the shins as other jeans, for example the Sky High jeans, they are slim enough to flatter the figure and give a slight drainpipe effect to the jeans. I bought these again at Easter, knowing how well they fit and how durable they were.

Sky High Waist Jeans

These are the Indigo Acid Wash Sky High Jeans, priced at £28 ($43.70). They come up to the belly button and, due to the jegging fit of the denim, hug your legs right the way to your ankles. I love wearing these if I’m daring to wear a crop top, or any top that doesn’t come down really low. I also love that they are very dark denim but not black, so I can wear them with anything and dress them up or down.

White Jeans

The final pair of jeans I bought were the Frosted Indigo High Rise Jeans, priced at £32.12 ($48.59). These, like the Worn Out jeans, aren’t too figure-hugging, something that could signal problems in white jeans. The denim itself is thick and durable, with styled tears in the fabric to reveal blue denim underneath. I’ve already worn these so many times, even on holiday! Even though the denim is thick and I thought I might be too hot, they kept me cool in the heat out here in France. They are the perfect white denim!

Overall, I know that these jeans are the ones I’ll be buying for the foreseeable future. They’re comfortable, well-made and fit like a glove. They can be dressed up, dressed down, worn with hoodies and Chuck Taylors or paired with a blouse and ankle boots. They’re the item to build a wardrobe around.

verdict 4 of 5

I’ve given these 4/5 for the simple reason that I need more pairs and AEO isn’t accessible enough in the UK!

Have you ever bought these jeans? Do you have denim you can’t live without?

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One thought on “PRODUCT REVIEW // American Eagle Outfitter Jeans

  1. ncsouthernbelle13 says:

    I have a pair of the jegging dark wash jeans. I LOVE them!! I’ve worn through about 3 pairs in my 4 years of high school because I literally wore them everyday! Where I’m from there are AEO stores everywhere you go… But this is my favorite place to buy jeans!


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