Summer Bucket List

After such an exhilarating year at university, it would be such a shame to lose momentum during the long summer. I’ve got over two months until I go back, so I’ve decided to make the most of it. I’ve created a Summer Bucket List.

Summer Bucket List

– Have a technology free day

– Watch the sunrise and the sunset

– Stargaze

– Read under a tree

– Cook a new meal

– Keep a plant

– Read at least 20 books

– Go to the beach

– Have a picnic

– Build a fort

– Camp in the back garden

– Go for a midnight stroll

– Take a long bike ride

– Meet someone new

– Tie dye t-shirts

– Do a 1 week fitness challenge

– Upcycle something

– Make something new

– Complete a scrapbook

– Handwrite a letter to someone

– Bake cookies

– Go on a road trip

– Visit a cathedral I haven’t seen before – I’ve actually already done this – just before my birthday, we took a trip to Chester and saw the most uniquely beautiful Cathedral I’ve ever seen, made of red stone!

– Write a poem

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