Back again! It’s time for another Buy of the Week, and this one is a real wardrobe staple.


The story begins in the first week of term. I’d come back to university almost immediately after New Years due to exams, packing in a hurry because I was busy with work and revision.

I realise, the day after I get dropped off, that despite packing ridiculous amounts of clothing and useless paraphernalia, I’d left my winter coat at home. My gorgeous, trusty, flattering olive military jacket with grey collar and A-line skirt.

It was too heavy to be sent in the post, I had exams to go to and the only other jackets I had were a collarless black number and my leather jacket. Calls were made, decisions reached and a shopping trip planned. I was going into the city.

I had trawled the shops, having seen a gorgeous duster in a Marks and Spencer back at home and spying a peacoat in Urban Outfitters with my name on it online, but to no avail. Sadly, I was without coat.

Then, I step into Next for shelter from the icy rain, when I spot it; the Grey Duster.

It’s like something from Lookbook, or a bohemian fashion instagram. It’s long and oversized, and paired with my grey/blue Gap scarf, too perfect to resist. After double checking via WhatsApp with my sisters, mother and trusted fashionista friend, I bought it.

And I’ve lived in it ever since. It’s a lifesaver. I wear it dressed up, dressed down, with dresses or jeans, heels or converse. I think that, although only bought out of necessity, this has become my staple coat.

Do you have one coat you live in over the winter, or are you more of a fan of multiple coats for multiple outfits? What do you think of the thrilling Coat Saga? Drop a comment below.


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