Dreaming of Summer…

Today, the weather has been rather up and down – it’s been warm and sunny one minute and then the next, there’s hail and grey clouds! It’s making me really wish for summer to come faster.

Here are a few items I have my eye on for Summer 2015!


{Sandals~Jack Rogers}  {Shorts~Loft}  {Bikini~Kate Spade}  {Lace Dress~AEO}  {Weekender Bag~Kate Spade}  {Necklace~Tory Burch}  {Chambray~AEO similar}  {Ankle Boots~Reiss}  {Silk Dress~Kate Spade}

As you can see, there is a pretty overwhelming black-and-white theme. I’ve been experimenting with the ‘minimalist French wardrobe’ idea, which keeps to very neutral colours with a few bright or bold accessories or statement pieces.

The focal point of this collection is definitely the Kate Spade dress. It’s a gorgeous deep silk and has been immensely popular since it came out last year. I know I even have the perfect pair of nude pumps at home to pair with it!

The other Kate Spade item, the Weekender bag, is yet another KSNY bag I’m in love with. It would be perfect to have at university for trips home or weekends away, and just imagine taking it to the beach or out for a day at the park. It’s the ideal size to carry a towel or blanket, a good book, a tablet and a large bottle of water. Gosh, I wish I had it right now!

This is, obviously, the dream summer wardrobe; given my status as a student, I won’t be buying most of it. Let’s just keep our finger’s crossed.

What do you want for you summer wardrobe? Let me know below!


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