I’m Not Okay… And That’s Okay.

I apologise for not posting in a while, I’ve been having some R&R, which included 5 days at home.

Although I’m getting on well at university, I needed the time with my family away from everything. Because I’m not okay. I’m homesick and completely stressed, but that’s totally fine.

According to statistics, 80% of students suffer from acute stress and anxiety whilst at university, an alarming 67% of whom do not do anything about it. I was lucky that, after speaking to a friend about their own problems, I was able to identify my own.

Over my 5 days I caught up with friends and family alike. I worked and revised so much over Christmas that it felt like I hardly saw people at an unhurried pace, so it was nice to have a lazy few days… or not, as our row was pretty intense in the Force 7 winds!

Now, being back at university is both reminding me of the worth of it all, and compounding the problem. I miss my home like crazy, but this is where I need to be so that I can achieve my goals.

I’ve realised that goal setting is going to really help manage being away from home – I have less than a month until I go home for Easter, for almost an entire month. During that time, I have something like 7 deadlines, so I need to crack on and get everything done.

I also have to plan a few meetings and decide if I want to run for reelection on my committee. Next year is only going to be harder, so I have to weigh up whether I’m going to be organised enough. (This may involve splurging on a Lilly Pulitzer agenda, such is life!)

All I know is I’m so lucky to have such a supportive family back at home, and great friends here to come back to. I may not have made it this far without all of them.



One thought on “I’m Not Okay… And That’s Okay.

  1. hughesonthenews19 says:

    Completely normal to feel how you’re feeling! I started at university in Sep 2014, and I know for a fact that my friends and I have gone through large bouts of feeling lost and homesick! Love your blog – best of luck at university! 1 month and counting until Easter! :)


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