So this is hopefully going to be a new segment every week here on TIOB: Buy of the Week!

Each week I will be sharing either my favourite new buy, or something which I have already bought which needs to be shared. Let’s face it; on a student budget, I can’t really afford to be buying all the pretty things I want every week to share with you all, so I’ll have to make do with my wardrobe. Sigh.

This week’s is actually a new purchase!

Yesterday, my flatmate Helena and I went on a shopping trip. We were only supposed to be going out for the essentials; I needed some ballet pumps, she needed some makeup… and we were also going to go and look for climbing gear because we’ve both joined the Climbing Club at the Quay here in Exeter.

However, it changed into a bit more retail therapy than we’d bargained for, and we ended up getting slightly more than we had set out to purchase.

My best buy was certainly this skirt. Coast is usually way out of my price range, but as part of our retail therapy we were going into all of the pricey shops and trying on clothes.

I fell in love with this skirt and just had to have it. I mean, it has pockets. Pockets! It was also at a brilliant price, so I knew that it was worth it.

It’s a really good length, coming midway down my thigh, meaning that whilst it doesn’t restrict movement like many pencil skirts do it’s sensible enough to wear in an office, whilst at the same time looking cute with my (new) pumps, a blouse and a cardigan for a lecture.

Do you have a buy of the week? Have you ever found a surprise whist shopping that you simply had to have? Leave a comment below.


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