Express your appreciation for a source of support in your life

I am very fortunate to have many people supporting me in my life. I’m blessed with a loving family, good friends, brilliant teachers… there are lots of people this could be for.

It’s time for the world to meet four very important people. My grandparents.

                     Jim and Mary                                                         Lynette and Terry

There couldn’t be greater people on this earth than my grandparents. They’ve supported me through whatever I wanted to do, whether it was making bags and cushion covers, or becoming a politician, or taking a gap year.

When I decided not to go to university, it was very difficult to tell people. I’d passed my A levels and I had no real tangible reason for not going straight to university, apart from the fact that I didn’t feel ready.

And I hadn’t told many people I was worried about going to university! It was a dark secret I tried to keep from people and ignore so that I could do what was expected of me.

Luckily, when I told my family, my parents and grandparents were all incredibly supportive. As long as I was doing exactly what I wanted to do they supported me, and that was the best feeling in the world.

We call my granddads ‘Danan’ because when I was younger, I couldn’t say ‘granddad’. Being the oldest child on the Comber side, all 6 grandchildren use the term Danan now.

I never feel happier than when I spend time with these wonderful people because I love them and they love me, and it’s an unconditional love.

So, this is a huge thank you to my Nannys and Danans, for everything they do. For visiting, for letting me visit, for tolerating my whims and eccentricities. For being amazing people. For raising the amazing people who became my mum and dad, my uncles. Thank you for everything. And I love you all.

Who is your source of support? Share below.


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