On June 1, I turn 20. 20! Whilst I’m on the whole happy with what I’ve achieved, there’s always more to experience… and I can’t say no to a challenge.

Twenty things to do before you turn 20:

One.// Start learning a new language.

Two.// Write a letter to Future You.

Three.// Go to a movie/dinner by yourself.

Four.// Write an article for Thought Catalog/Huffpost.

Five.// Visit somewhere new.

Six.// Get a sweatshirt with your favourite football team on it. I should clarify – I mean American Football, not soccer or European football.

Seven.// Record a cover of your favourite song and upload it to YouTube.

Eight.// Give blood.

Nine.// Get your provisional/full driver’s license.

Ten.// Get a henna tattoo.

Eleven.// Be vegan for two weeks.

Twelve.// Save 15% of your year abroad fund.

Thirteen.// See a West End production.

Fourteen.// Meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a year/meet a friend you’ve never met in person.

Fifteen.// Write a short story.

Sixteen.// Have a Tolkien extended edition movie marathon.

Seventeen.// Recreate your favourite childhood photo.

Eighteen.// Go hiking and see the sunrise.

Nineteen.// Attend 5 yoga classes.

Twenty.// Invest in a really expensive article of clothing or new gadget.

Have you got any other suggestions? Have you ever done a 20 before 20 challenge? Have you done any of the things on this list? Let us know below!


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