Something I am grateful to my body for allowing me to do

Wow, what a rambling prompt today! But it’s a good one, and it’s a good reflection exercise. Immediately, my mind jumped to all the adventurous stuff I could do because of my body, but it’s really much simpler than that.

I’m grateful to be able to see my loved ones, my mum and dad, my sisters, my best friends. I’m grateful to be able to see all the beauty in this world, whether it’s by going out and walking or seeing it through the computer screen.

I’m grateful to be able to hug those close to me. Anyone who knows me will know I’m a tactile person, and something that gives me great happiness is to just hug people. It’s comfort, companionship, celebration. It’s an act of kindness and love that is so simple and pure, and my body allows me to do so.

I’m grateful to be able to heal even though I don’t treat my body with the best of care. The scars that litter my body are from a lifetime of adventure and proof that I heal, despite getting into sticky situations!

I’m grateful to be able to walk or run or just stand! One of the things I take for granted the most, but one of the most powerful. I have control over myself, I have a say in my own life and the freedom to make any choice.

That’s Gemma on the right, when we visited Glastonbury. Climbing to the Tor was a huge achievement for me and my lazy behind, and a huge achievement to her for getting me up there!

What are you grateful for? The big things, or the small? Both? Drop a line below.


Drop us a line, provoke a conversation or disprove my entire post. Just talk!

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