A Quote or Picture that Makes me Feel Confident

This is one which requires a lot of narrowing down. If you’ve ever seen my Pinterest, you’ll see I’m a fan of posting motivational quotes and images. They often consist of things to do with female empowerment, books or coffee, but the one below has to be my favourite.


Winston Churchill said many memorable things but this, for me, is the best.

We all have dreams. Many of us will put them on the backburner or give them up entirely for something we see as more the more appropriate or the safer option but this shouldn’t be the case.

Whenever I feel like university is getting tough, or I’m homesick, or looking at ways to move to the USA and become a journalist fills me with despair because it seems impossible, I look at this quote. I look at it and think, what if I just give up? My dreams are uncompromising. They are wild. If they weren’t fraught with risk, they wouldn’t be worth chasing.

It’s also something that I like to look at if I’m feeling down about other things; my body, my relationship status. Of course I’m not in the exact place I’d like to be at the moment; I’m nineteen years old. But sometimes I feel like I should have accomplished more at this point.

And I think about Churchill, and I think about this quote, and I think, so what? So what if I haven’t saved the world, found a husband and a job at the New York Times yet? Does it matter when I haven’t been on this earth for two whole decades yet? That’s what the rest of my life is for. I have my entire life to succeed. But most importantly, I have the rest of my life to try.

What are your favourite quotes or images? What makes you feel confident? Drop a line below.


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