Treat Yourself to an Hour of Self Care

Friday is one of my no-lecture, no-seminar days, so it’s usually prime time to catch up on everything I neglect during the week – social media presence, food shopping, emails. I don’t really have much time for self care because so much of my time is spent wasted on the internet or sleeping. I’d rather watch 6 episodes of a TV show than get up, which is shameful to admit.

I’m using my hour of self care today to take a walk. I’m going to go down to the Quay and the Cathedral and just indulge in the tranquility of it all. Exeter is a stunning city and I’m blessed to be living in it, so I need to make the most of it! Who knows, I might discover a small shop I’ve never been in before.

The gorgeous Exeter Cathedral

The gorgeous Exeter Cathedral

I don’t even need to get out of the flat specifically to go for this walk – I’m going to set up a savings account for my year abroad/holidays, so I need to be in the city centre for that anyway! It’s the perfect way for me to spend an hour, and being out in the brisk winter air will only make it more refreshing. I’ll just have to remember my gloves!

How would you spend your hour? Do you dedicate more time to yourself than I do? Have you got any tips on how I could manage my time better? Drop a comment below!


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