Take a Selfie

#BodPosFeb is all about accepting who we are now, but seeing as right now I’m exhausted from pulling an all-nighter to watch the superbowl on Sunday – the curse of being an American soul in an English body at an English university – I think I’ll be posting a selfie from a couple of days ago, before the deepest black bags decided to take permanent residence under my eyes.

I took this photo about half an hour before we went to sign the contract for a house for our second year. I love the A&F jumper I was wearing (similar), the shirt is chiffon which gives an extra touch of femininity to the oversized jumper and it was paired with olive skinny jeans and black ankle boots, with my grey overcoat and scarf. It was what I like to think of as a ‘quiet power outfit’ – one that gives me confidence but isn’t too corporate or odd for a student to wear.

I’ve also been experimenting with my makeup and was extremely happy to see that my eyeliner came out nicely. My cat eye needs some work still but this time last year I couldn’t put any eyeliner on my top lid without looking like the Winter Soldier, so I’m happy with the improvement.

Do you have a selfie you’re proud of? A ‘quiet power outfit’ you like to wear? Please share below!


Drop us a line, provoke a conversation or disprove my entire post. Just talk!

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