Hello, world.

I apologise for not writing sooner. It seems I’ve been going through a rather authorial dry spell at the moment, and I hadn’t realised it until very recently. I’ve started writing countless blog posts about fall fashion, or what I planned to do over Christmas, or how vegetarianism is panning out for me, but none of them get finished. None of them even get past the start line, more often than not.

I don’t know why this is. On the 9th of January, this blog now usually referred to as TIOB, turned 1. I think I’ve had a rather cracking start to the whole university gig, and there hasn’t been anything too traumatic that would stop me from writing.

And then I realised today that the reason I haven’t been writing is because I felt what I wanted to say wasn’t what the world wanted to hear. That the ideas that – at times – burst from my head in a flurry of vocalised thoughts or stream through my hand so fast my pen can hardly keep up simply wasn’t what anyone wanted to read. That the advice I had craved at one time or another in my life wasn’t a burden anyone else had experienced.

What a load of phooey.

I know now, after starting to read the book ‘The Art of Asking’ by Amanda Palmer, that what I want to say should never be silenced. Sure, there might not be a huge gathering of people who want to read this little blog, which may never get its own domain or a real personalised look, but there are people who read it. The odd person. Hell, even if it’s only my mum, someone is still reading it. And so I am obligated to put into words what I’ve been thinking. I am duty bound to provide you with my Christmas Book Haul, or my Fashion Inspiration or my On My Radar. Even if it isn’t looked at now, someone in the future might want to read it.
So coming soon – the decisions I made for the New Year. It’s going to be a fun one.
With all my love,


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