A Quick Post on Balance

As I sat, waiting for Notting Hill to load on my laptop and trying to find my glasses, I realised that my life was veering dangerously close to falling out of balance.

Balance is essential to any form of quality lifestyle. We have to have a balanced diet, a balanced sleeping pattern, a healthy attitude towards working and relaxing, in order to be able to fully appreciate what we have in life.

And university, for all its perks, really throws the balance out.

Nevertheless, I’m working to restore what equilibrium my life had before moving to Exeter. Yes, I watch an inordinate amount of television and get very little sleep, but it has been even worse since getting here. I need to make sure that my education remains the top priority; I need to be able to say no to nights out (like tonight, like last night) and eat properly. That means less microwaved soup and more fully balanced meals, like pasta dishes. I have a feeling the student cookbook in my room will be my bible for this term at least.

I’m also trying to cut back on my use of Americanisms. I’m quick to call a term a ‘semester’ and my flat a ‘dorm’, but I know that this is a result of a high exposure to US television, film, and music. It’s something that has become ingrained into my speech pattern and is something that – with an English accent as clear as mine – fills new acquaintances with confusion. As does my enthusiasm for the American political system or Football leagues. (On that note, Go Seminoles!)

Notting Hill has loaded, I’ve found my glasses and I’m settling down with a cup of tea to enjoy writing up my frantic lecture notes. In their current state, they simply will not be useful to me when exams come around, and I can’t let my decision to take a gap year negatively impact my future in any way.

See you around,



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