September?! No, thank you.

It’s nearly September. Summer is nearly over, officially. And that thought didn’t hit until very recently.

My family and I have been on holiday for the last two weeks in our favourite place on Earth; the Dordogne. It’s an area rich in culture and history. To put it simply, and not wax lyrical for hours/pages, it makes you forget about the man-made concept of time. There is only leisure and pleasure here.

September is a big one, especially for many young people like me. We’re all going off to university, leaving our old lives in order to forge new ones. For me, it’ll mean readjusting to a taxing workload and writing essays for the first time in over a year. For others, it’ll mean cooking their own meals, or doing their own laundry. For most of us, it will be leaving the security of our families and homes for a new place.

I’ve read nearly 25 books this month, most of which I had been putting off for a long time. It’s not something that many people (including my ever-exasperated mother) see as an important thing, but I won’t have the luxury when I’m the other side of the country.

I’m making a distinct effort to be more present on social media, as is recommended by my uni’s student guild. It’s a great way to make new friends, but it also means I’m not denying myself the option of keeping connected with old ones. I’m not going to be half an hour away from the centre of London anymore which will be a huge shock, but it doesn’t mean I should lose touch with my old (and wonderful) friends.

In the next two weeks – or when I get back from my holiday at the end of this week – I’ll be finishing packing for university, and I’ll upload a packing list. It’s going to be a tricky task to sort through nearly 20 years of hoarding but I’m sure I’ll survive without 5 years of newspapers. Probably.

And one thing I’d recommend to people in my situation; make plans. If you know people at your university, arrange to meet up with them. If you can, look at the Fresher’s Week plans for all the societies and plan to go to a few events. I’m looking forward to a formal debate on the UN’s Foreign Policies and involvement in foreign conflicts by the Mock United Nations on my second day, and I’ve arranged to meet up with Eve (PonderingPeach) on moving in day, which I know will be the hardest. My perpetual wanderlust often clashes with the strong instinct in me to not leave the familiarity of home, and I know it’s going to be tough to realise that I’m all grown up.

On September 1st, I’m going to upload a wrap up of the books I’ve read this month, which will be a mega post. I’d like to start a vlog focused on my literary exploits so it’s a kind of prelude to that.

If you want to check out my holiday snaps, see my instagram!

Toodle Pip!


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