Persevere, Determine, Excel

The Greens
This was going to be titled – “Why Never Giving Up is the Best Idea in the World”, but it’s a bit wordy and I’m trying to be more search friendly now.
Yesterday at 11am I finally put back on the Starbucks apron. It was only for my OJE – On Job Experience – but it really hit me that I had achieved what I planned back in February. I got myself back into the Siren Greens.
When my contract ended on the fourth of February this year, despondent isn’t an accurate word to describe my state. I’d gone from doing about 15 hours a week in an amazing place of work to suddenly… nothing. I mean, I got the job at the school pretty quickly due to being an alum and my mum being a teacher there, but it wasn’t anything like the fast-paced shifts I’d pulled as a barista.
And I’d sworn to myself that I’d return to Starbucks as an employee in the near future. I’d thought that could have meant within the month; perhaps they’d realise how lost they were without me, and how deeply they all needed my company. Five months down the line and obviously that wasn’t the case, but that didn’t faze me.
I kept in contact with the other baristas. I went into the Southend store almost every day anyway to satisfy the caffeine addictions that everyone had developed since I’d made an appearance at the college in September. I was always on the look out for an opening.
I wasn’t fussy about those openings, either. I did jokingly ask the barista in one of the Amsterdam stores if they were hiring! (Calvin actually said that they were, and I was sorely tempted to just not board our return flight and live my life in the Netherlands)
One of my friends, Charlotte, who works in the Chelmsford store, cornered me on one rare occasion that mother and I took a trip into the town. As it’s not on the line between Southend and home, we never get the chance to go to Chelmsford as much as we’d have liked, so she made the most of her time.
Sitting me down, sliding an application form under my nose and thrusting a pen into my hand is quite possibly the best thing that Charlii has ever done for me, because it led to this moment. I was disbelieving that they’d want me, having never worked with me before, but the application was diligently filled out (favourite drink – iced soya Chai tea latte in the summer, Christmas blend caramel macchiato with whipped cream in the winter) (why you’d be good at working here – because I have a photographic memory meaning I remember the regulars and the troublemakers kidding) and handed in.
Last week, I got a message from one of the baristas who I’d worked with in Southend. He had, during my time at Starbucks, been transferred to Chelmsford and had recently been promoted. He wanted me to go in as soon as possible.
And that led to the interview which was more of a catch up than anything else. Of course, we chatted technicalities such as why I wanted the job there, what the plan was long-term, but for the most part we just chatted. And I got asked to attend the OJE.
Which leads us to here. I’ve had my 4 hours working in the store, familiarizing myself with the layout and the other partners. I’ve had my debriefing, the details of which will stay private… for now.
But the message of this over-excited post is to never, ever, EVER give up, even if you really want to. If I’d given up after that first month after Starbucks, I wouldn’t have been given the opportunity I was this week. And as it happens, I’ve been wanting to spend more time in Chelmsford with two of my closest friends, so I’ve got it all figured. If only learning to drive was that easy!
I’ll see you around,

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