Going Away – A Mercurial Weather Dilemma

The main problem with arranging a holiday to somewhere like The Netherlands is that you never know what the weather is going to be like.

In my travel journal, I’ve highlighted the comment ‘AMSTERDAM HAS FREQUENT RAINFALL AND TEMPERATURES OF 17-25 DEGREES IN JULY’.

Well, that’s great. For us Brits, that kind of weather could mean anything! We went from a scorching 24 degrees yesterday to a blustery, miserable, raining 16 degrees today (and rowing in both is one surefire way to educate you in the difference). The issue with that is this; I’m trying to pack my life in a carry on, and I cannot leave any probability aside.

So my essentials comprise of a raincoat, which is going to be my only jacket, and five outfits dependent on the state of the weather on the days. I’m just covering my bases, people.

We leave at 7 on Monday morning, and I have to say I’m excited. We really haven’t planned as much as I wanted to, but we’ll be fine. I need to learn to be more whimsical, anyway.

Have you got any suggestions as to what to wear/do in Amsterdam?


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