Event Planning

There are some things in life that are, quite simply, a pleasure.

Event planning. for me, is one of those pleasurable things, just like a good book, or a river just after the rain.

Unfortunately, being only 19 means that I haven’t had much of an opportunity to plan events. I mean, I’ve often spearheaded holiday plans or helped an uncle organise his birthday meal, but more by force than by anyone voluntarily giving me the reins. After all, pride is a fickle master, and without my need to plan we would rarely have much to do on our annual visit to France, or ever see my uncle for his birthday.

But this summer has provided a variety of opportunities for me to stretch my OCD list-making skills. I have several dates in my diary that  have been asked to organise. The first of the summer is my Grandparents’ 60th Wedding Anniversary.

The Diamond, as it is referred to in code in my planner, is next weekend, and I have been organising it since before Christmas. It has required me to speak to a variety of people I don’t know, make an indecent amount of phone calls (that I’m sure will show up on all of my bills) and make more spreadsheets than my laptop has ever seen.

All round, it’s a fun experience. As I type this, I’m waiting for my printer to stop throwing a tantrum so that I can scan in my designs for menu cards, a task that has given me the chance to get stuck into typography, a skill I had always loved and wished to try.

I believe that this summer will bring more than just opportunities. I believe it will fine tune my organisation and, by September, when I leave for university, I hope I’ll be taking the best version of myself to Exeter.

Obviously, Mother is hopeful that I’ll be the President of the Student Union, since I never applied for Head Girl.

Perhaps I’ll try this time!


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