THINKING: About university. As September fast approaches, I’m really looking forward to going to Exeter. The gap year I’ve had has been phenomenal and I’ve met so many amazing people but one thing I have realised is that I am so ready to go to university and continue my education.

ENJOYING: I’m really enjoying looking through old photos at the moment. When I went to Norfolk recently to see my grandparents I came across so many childhood photographs and they reminded me of a lot of memories that rarely come to mind. As the weather improves it’s lovely to sit outside on the garden furniture with a glass of wine and reminisce with the family about some of the fantastic experiences we shared.

Gemma/Amy/Iszi on the spinning teacups.

Gemma/Amy/Iszi on the spinning teacups.

FEELING: Apprehensive. I know I’m looking forward to going to university, but it’s the element of unknown that I don’t appreciate. I’ve struggled with anxiety for a long time and routine is something that helps keep me calm, so I’m not so happy about being taken out of that routine. It’s a kind of chest-tightening panic if I think too deeply about it. It’s also for summer; will I get a job? Will I be able to save money for university? What if my old school friends just aren’t interested in meeting up? Sometimes I forget that it isn’t the summer of 2013 and that all of my best friends are off at university. Even Evelyn (ponderingpeach) is off having some amazing fun – in Morocco, I’m jealous – thanks to the opportunities that university has provided. She did come round on my birthday on Sunday though and we had a good catch up before she left on Monday. I know this summer will be great but I’m going to have to just go with it for now.

WEARING: A new vest! I’ll be uploading the tutorial soon, but I upcycled a couple of my baggiest t-shirts into loose summer vest tops. This one is an American Flag shirt, and I feel incredibly US-centric. Even though I’m English.

New America Tee

New America T-shirt (pre-DIY)

NEEDING: A job! Although I do need the money, I want a job for the satisfaction of doing something. I have to be mentally active. I have to be challenged, and unemployment is making my mind stagnate. Helping out at the local primary school two hours a week is fantastic but it isn’t what I need. Obviously the money would be a plus, so close to university.

WANTING: This Kate Spade bag!


Kate Spade Tote

It’s just perfect for the summer, right? I saw it when I was scrolling through College Prepster and since then, all I could think about was how awesome my summer would be if I had it by my side. Evidently I’d have to cut back on what I put in my bag (a scheduled upcoming blog post) but it can be used for the beach or just going about your day. If I ever win the lottery, I’m getting this baby!

LISTENING: 1940’s music. I’ve always loved the sound of Glenn Miller, Vera Lynn and other 40’s crooners, and it just seems like the perfect music to listen to when the sun is out. Especially when I wear my midi skirt and a blouse, I feel like I should be swaying with a soldier! We’ll meet again….

MAKING: A mess! I’m packing for uni, cutting up t-shirts, trying to finish two projects… there’s a lot of scrap around and my room is a tip. I reckon I’ll be leaving a lot of stuff here in September, especially books. I have over 500 books in my collection not counting the ones in storage! It’s fun though.

EATING: CAKE! It was my birthday, so I feel like it’s okay. I ended up having two cakes (whoops!) so we’re all still having a slice of cake after dinner. One cake was a Strawberry and Cream sponge, made by my lovely grandmother, and that was eaten on the day by the eight of us. The Madeira cake my mum made, equally delicious, is still going strong!

DRINKING: Water. As it gets warmer I have to remind myself to drink lots of water, which is something I’m really quite terrible at doing. I’ve taken to bringing 1litre water bottles everywhere with me because while I don’t tend to think about it if I don’t have a bottle, if there’s water on hand I drink it. I’m also trying to cut down on my sugar intake which means that I have limited my tea and coffee, replacing it with – you guessed it – water!


What are your ‘currently’s? Drop me a line!


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