A Quick Blog from the Ether…

Hi there! Sorry I’ve not updated my blog, I know I was going to finish all the packing advice and travel inspiration before I went away…

Everything kind of piled up when I wasn’t looking and so I’ve just neglected you, and I’m devastated that I let it get the better of me. At home on my laptop I have partial drafts, edited photos and plans, it’s just a matter of formatting and getting them up. Don’t worry, it’ll happen. I hope I’m helping you with packing and everything, but I don’t know, it’s up to you to tell me.

I’m currently sitting in the bar of Disneyland Paris’ Hotel Cheyenne, shamelessly scrounging the Wifi and nursing a Café Viennois. It’s a new coffee to me, composed of two shots of espresso and a glass of whipped cream. Heavenly as it sounds, it is.

I hope everyone is well, when I get Wifi again I’ll try to upload some photos of the journey.

Bonsoir, mes amis!


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