Outfit of the Day

My first OOTD! I didn’t do anything special, I went out for coffee with my mum but it was fun to catch up outside of the house.


I was feeling quite summery, in part because all of my jeans were in the wash, but as it wasn’t too warm I layered it with a cardigan.

The skirt, a high-waisted floral patterned bell skirt, is handmade. I took inspiration from one I’d seen in a vintage store and tailored it to fit.

I paired it with a sleeveless lace cut out shirt from Forever 21. I got it for my political speech and still wear it often, because the pattern cut out of the lace is floral too, complimenting the skirt.

My cardigan is from Wallis. I love it because it’s thick and so soft, it’s perfect for the times when chunky knit cardis don’t work but you need the layers.

My shoes are my New Look ankle boots (they have tassels so I feel like a cowgirl). The hat is one I got on a night out, which has many memories. I wore only a light cover of Bare Minerals powder foundation and no additional makeup, because I wasn’t feeling like clogging my pores today.

Hope you enjoyed!!


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