Planning a Holiday: Outfit Sketches Part I

So, even though this is a bit out of sync, due to recent demand I thought I’d share with you my outfit sketches. It’s something I’ve always loved to do, since my Textiles GCSE through to voluntary Fashion Illustration classes in Shoreditch. 

My mind works in a very odd way, but being a hoarder as I am, I am hard-wired to throw additional items into my suitcase for a ‘just in case’ basis. It can throw huge spanners in the works, especially if I’m on a tight schedule, or need to get out early. Indecisiveness is an inherent trait of mine, and one that cannot be allowed to ruin holidays. I came up with this idea years ago; if I plan my outfits for each situation I’m going to encounter, it narrows down what I’m taking and stops my what if scenario builder. 

Onto Part I!

.// 1. Conference.// 2. Travel .// 3. Paris

.// 1. Conference.// 2. Travel .// 3. Paris


 1.// Business and Pleasure: Conference

This isn’t the first outfit I’m going to be wearing, but as the conference is the main event of the trip I decided to plan it first. I’ll be wearing a sheer white blouse with lace insets in the shoulders, a black pencil skirt and brogues. As we’ll be in the conference for 4 hours in total, I’m taking my glasses. My eyes are just too poor to be working for any amount of time without needing them, and I want to minimize the headaches I suffer on this trip.

My inspiration for this outfit is business casual. It’s worked so that I’ll look mature and serious about journalism, and also because I rock a pencil skirt. It’s the hourglass figure, even if it is a bit wide. Although I’d love to drag out my kitten heels for the occasion, I’m trying to conserve space and I know I’ll be wearing my brogues on more than one occasion, so they’ll be my smart shoes.

2.// Wander the World…

My travel outfit consists of a baggy white t-shirt with a quirky saying on it (to be talked about in an individual post), a denim shirt (my favourite of 5, an Armani piece), leggings and converse. Now, whilst I never usually condone the wearing of leggings without a dress or the like, this for me is the exception. Leggings are ideal to travel in. These are actually my exercise leggings (barely ever worn, as you may have gathered) and don’t show my underwear off when I wear them. However the white tee I’m wearing covers my bum just fine. This outfit is meant to be stylish, yet comfortable enough to endure a six+ hour coach journey. I’m pairing it with my favourite slouch beanie hat from River Island, a pair of sunnies (c/o Dolce and Gabbana) so that I can stick my headphones in, pull the shades down and sleep. Or watch Sherlock, which is more likely to happen.

3.// From Paris, With Love

As you can quite possibly tell, I’m incredibly excited to be going back to Paris itself. Perhaps more so than Disney. I’ve opted to humour my Parisian dream, so I’m wearing stripes. I bought this gorgeous white and black striped top in H&M, with three-quarter sleeves and a scoop back… it’s the best. Paired with it is my ideal skirt, one that I’d been searching for months ago. It’s a high-waisted black midi skirt, which floats around mid-shin and sways around me when I move. I’ve been dancing in it for the last week and let me tell you; whether I foxtrot or samba, this skirt is simply divine. I managed to score a deal on Boohoo, which had a free next day delivery offer on Valentine’s Day – who needs a man, eh? – so I snapped it up and there it was. Again, I’ll be wearing my brogues, sunglasses, and a very long block scarf from Zara’s winter collection a few years back. All of these outfits are complimented by my classic black bomber jacket, a wardrobe staple. It also ends just where the skirt starts meaning my figure isn’t lost underneath it, thank goodness.

Here ends Part I. Part II will be uploaded very shortly, I just don’t want to bore you all with my obsession with sketching!




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