Why I’m Excited to be Going to London..

It’s nothing big.
I do it all the time.
Really, I shouldn’t be excited.
But I am. Going to London, and I mean the city centre, is a huge thing for me. I live barely half an hour outside of the capital, a stones throw away, and I do go on a semi-regular basis. I used to go weekly with my friend and fellow blogger, Maddie, to a fashion illustration class.
So going to the city should be a ‘meh’ occasion. However it really, really isn’t.
London to me is a vital organ. I love the vibrancy and the history that oozes from the capital. I love the way that you can visit galleries and yet still see into the offices of stockbrokers or accountants. I love that I can waltz into a bookshop and be greeted with such a different variety of books that I will always find one I want.
And tomorrow, I get to go back to Covent Garden to meet with my best friend for lunch.
Gemma is at university on the ‘burbs of the other side of London, so as close as we may be, we don’t really meet up. It’s okay, we skype and text, but we don’t see a lot of each other. Tomorrow we get to go out and have fun, and we’re going to one of the most culturally stunning areas of the country.
Perhaps we’ll go to Lauderie for macaroons, or pop into Fossil for a browse (I am a sucker for Fossil accessories). We may go for a stroll down Oxford Street or amble over to Liberty’s. My uncle might make us dinner in Primrose Hill.
The possibilities in London are, as always, endless. I finally have an excuse to dress with class though, for the first time in months. I’ll take pictures.
Lots of love to y’all,



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