Things Are Looking up!

Okay, an update on an incredible weekend.

Saturday was amazing. Truly.

Really, it was a whirlwind of excitement and fantastic discoveries.

So, I didn’t meet the love of my life, or win a million pounds. It was much more… immediate.

I had a great day at work. Instead of struggling to deal with the amount of customers, I was on top of the queue. I activated over 50 Starbucks rewards cards (usually my average is 20ish) and despite staying longer than contracted, I was happy to help because one of my colleagues has only recently returned to the store and we caught up.

The train journey went well and I read an entire book (courtesy of my Kobo Touch) during the journey. Walking home from the station was a fast pace and, considering it takes half an hour, was a satisfying exercise. That was courtesy of a ‘Walking Home from the Station’ playlist. I’ll upload that later.

When I got home I was prepared to tidy my room – lock myself away and search desperately for my passport. We’re inside the 6 week mark for Paris now and I was very, very, very worried. Instead, when I got home, there was a small wrapped present for me. Inside was the Glamour magazine I wanted, an envelope from Starbucks, and my passport.

My mum had been up in my room and pulled out the one thing I don’t touch – my chest of drawers. There it was, fallen innocently down the back, causing me all this grief. I can only imagine that it had slid down (because I do tend to pile things up). My relief was palpable. I no longer have to pay £80 for a new passport. I don’t have to worry about the fact that a new one might not come before I want to leave the country. I no longer feel stifled.

That was an interesting side-effect, actually. The loss of my passport left me with a sense of claustrophobia – I didn’t have the choice to leave the country if I wanted to. And giving that I don’t really have a regular need (or ability) to fly away, or sail, or even get the Eurostar, it was very surreal to feel the insatiable pull of wanderlust. I mean, I want to travel, always have and always will, but the fact that I was stuck in England left an itch under my skin. Now, I’m okay.

The magazine, I really wanted to buy but due to my financial circumstances I couldn’t get. My mum, again, had seen how upset I was about the whole passport thing and bought it for me. R&R, she said.  So now I have a great edition of one of my favourite magazines. It really is a huge stress relief.

The Starbucks envelope was really just one of those little things that brightens your day. Inside it was the coupon that I’d earned after 15 Starbucks Rewards Card transactions, giving me a free drink. I’ll be using that tomorrow, which is both exciting and relieving; I don’t have to pay for something I could really use at the moment.

To top it all off, yesterday I was told that we get paid a week early! This Friday is payday instead of next week, the technical end of the month. With my newly reclaimed passport, I’ll be going out and celebrating with my friends, which we haven’t done in over a month. I know, due to the hours I’ve done over the last five weeks (FIVE!!) that I’ll be getting paid more than my overdraft. I’ll have money.

How is your week going? Please, drop a line.


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