Spring Cleaning II

I officially hate getting rid of anything.
I mean, I have thrown away more paperwork, newspapers and memories than I care to admit, and still my room is nowhere near done.
And now, we see where my warring personalities come into play – one side of me hoards my belongings, old leaflets from tours of castles, newspapers dating back to 2008 (regular, not special occasion. I mean an almost daily newspaper), I even kept the wristband that allowed me into the pool on one holiday one year,  which I didn’t enjoy and don’t want to return. I still kept the wristband.
The other side of me hates mess. I hate the magazines I kept piled up on my desk, or the catalogues beside my bed, or the makeshift bookshelves near my radiator. I want to go into a tidy room with nothing in it, maybe a cozy chair, so I can pick a book off my organised shelves and read.
So, I declare myself a kamikaze perfectionist. My room won’t be done, spring cleaning will not be over, until I find some way of balancing the hoarder and the minimalist. I’m getting rid of my second desk, which helps (yes, I have two desks). The magazines are all in a box in my wardrobe because, to be honest, they still hold interest for me.
I decided last night that I could probably redecorate if I wasn’t going off to university. I’m still considering taking a sharpie to my feature wall and sketching on some designs… like a stag’s head.
Anyway, I have more planning to do, as well as work in half an hour.
All the best,



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