A Quick Post on Television

I watch too much TV. It’s a truth universally acknowledged.

So, this year, I’m cutting it down. I thought about cutting TV out of my life completely, but with subscriptions to both Netflix and Lovefilm, plus a religious adoration of Elementary, Hart of Dixie, Supernatural and other programs, it would be impossible to quit, cold turkey.

Instead, I’ve given up on watching the Box. There isn’t much on British TV that interests me anymore (although when the Three Musketeers starts on BBC1 this Sunday, I will be there), so I figured I could eradicate the ‘binge-watching’ I indulge in. I’m not fussed about whether people in Sunderland are hugely obese (Weight Loss Ward, ITV) or if crazy people want to build wack-a-doodle houses (Grand Designs, Channel 4) although to be fair, sometimes I’m happy to watch a bit of George Clarke (Channel 4). These programs hold no real thrall, but I watch them instead of doing anything else, or put them on in the background when I’m on Pinterest. It’s a habit that needs to be knocked on the head.

For Christmas, I got a crafting book. I decided that, instead of binge-watching, I’d pick a project and do it. It will mean being a lot more organised than I am, but hey; two birds, one stone. Or, I’ll read some of the more dry material I have on my shelves. I could finally work my way through my Ian McEwan collection.

Do you suffer from the TV addiction? Watch TV for the sake of it? Are you more interested in foreign programs than your own? Do you prefer crafts and reading to the Box?

I’m writing all of this in a brief break from room detoxing, as well as uploading my last post which was written yesterday and got trapped on my mobile WordPress app, so had to be rewritten when I could format it. I’ll go back to clearing my room after I finish my hot chocolate (because we have no sugar for tea or coffee…)

Speak to you later,



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