Spring Cleaning I

One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to finally, finally do a spring cleaning. It’s something I, as a hoarder, hate to do and subsequently, haven’t done for years. My room has been full of clutter, notes and general mess for years and tidying it became impossible over the last month or so.

So, what I decided to do was declutter my entire life, step by step. I started with my email account. It had thousands of unopened emails, and too many subscriptions to count. Then, I found unroll.me.

The homepage of the easy-to-use, life-saving website

The homepage of the easy-to-use, life-saving website

In a matter of minutes, unroll.me identifies your subscriptions and lays them out in a list. The user interface is so cleverly designed that anyone, from technophobe to computer whiz, can easily sort their inboxes. You can then unsubscribe from as many as you want (though in order to clear more than four you have to share unroll.me on a platform of social media) without moving from the one page.

Then, you can select which subscriptions you still want delivered straight to your inbox, and which you want ‘rolled up’ into one email sent daily to you to read. One email, instead of thirty.

It isn’t the most noticeable of decluttering steps, nor will it drastically change my life, but unroll.me has allowed me a clarity of mind I rarely come across on my phone or emailing people. I still have to clear out the thousands of unread emails, but that will be easy now.

Have you ever experience unroll.me? Do you have problems organising your inbox? Is spring cleaning something you do religiously, or avoid?

I’ll be back later with more on my Spring Clean. Right now, I’m going to purge my room of the thousands of pages of notes stored from my education, that are (painfully) no longer necessary. Tears will fall.

Until then; Adieu.


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