Thoughts on Work Part I

As I stand outside Starbucks, in -3°C, waiting for my supervisor to get here to let us both in, I find myself considering why I chose to work here.

Starbucks is, after all, ridiculed in the UK for tax evasion and other such matters (too expensive, too middle class etc). If I wanted to make life easier for myself I could have stayed at my old job, waitressing at a family-run restaurant, or found a job in a supermarket or high street clothes store.

Yet the first application I sent out was Starbucks, and the job I chose, Starbucks. Perhaps it was the thought of the coffee smell (highly pleasant) or the promise of transfer when I go to university.

I have been mocked, my wages criticised – “well the only reason they pay you X is because they don’t pay taxes” – but I find that I don’t give two hoots to the people who rage against the establishment by making fun of my place of work.

I, unlike a lot of eighteen-year-olds this winter, found another job; better paying than my last one and with more benefits and job security, without a gap in between. Sure, I struggle with having no money all the time because I don’t know how to budget, but I do have this reputable part-time employment under my belt.

I’m proud of where I work. Before starting at Sbux, I had two mugs, a tshirt and a few bags of coffee, all bought from the big green conglomerate. Now, my collection has expanded to 7 mugs, 3 flasks, 18 bags of coffee, a bauble (for the Christmas tree) and the Verismo coffee machine (review to follow). I have an immense pride in my workplace and collagues, many of whom I class as true friends. I have gained transferable skills that score me potential jobs in any coffee shop in the UK due to the quality of training I receive. I am, above all, very lucky.

My future at Starbucks isn’t clear after February due to a merging of two stores, so I’m making the most of it while I can. All I know is, if anyone manages to get a job at Starbucks like I did, grab on like I did. It’s a roller coaster that only goes up.



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