The Importance of Being

I’ve always wanted to start writing a blog. I’ve actually attempted this several times, using various pseudonyms (Corynn), founding poetry blogs, even microblogging my fanfiction stories on twitter.

Now, however, I feel like I can really put my mind to it. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, I need to keep writing so that my stellar writing skills don’t deteriorate on a gap year, as they are want to do. Secondly, I feel like my life is in the right place; a course I like, a job I love and a group of friends I adore. Lastly, the foundations of this blogs are different to any I have tried before. I now have a network of friends who all blog, and I have things to write about, things I have a real passion for.

For these reasons, I figured I would log into my blogger account, dust off this long-saved URL (because when I was sixteen I thought it was really clever and so should steal it for the right time), and hope that I have the dedication to keep it going. Really, TIoB is too good to waste.

And lo, welcome to my blog. I’m slightly fashionable, terrible at budgeting, wonderfully over-dramatic and, try as I may, slightly too clever for my own good.

I’m Amy. I hope you like my life.



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