On Budgeting and Losing Things

Morning, all.

I go into this post with a heavy heart. In the last week, I have been given a multitude of news and whilst the proverb stands, ‘no news is good news’, there has been a smattering of hope among the bleak outlook presented.

I’ll start with the most important. I lost my passport.

You may be thinking how silly I am, or thinking that it’s alright, a negligible loss, after all I live in a democratic, free country that doesn’t require paperwork in order to move freely.

Problem is, I’m going to Paris in 7 weeks.

It appears that the passport was lost on Christmas Eve, although I only discovered this on Monday when I was looking for it in order to go out. It’s my only form of ID, you see, and I have to take it out so that I can go to the pub etc, the exact way I lost it.

The police station and transport authorities haven’t received one so I’m at a loss as to where it could be, but it costs nearly £80 to replace it and takes at least 3 weeks so I’m a bit worried about getting it in time for checks for the holiday… as it’s with the college I currently attend.

The second thing is that I have severely overspent this month. Yes, Christmas is the Achilles heel of us all, but I have a meagre £60 left in my overdraft to last me until February (coincidentally not enough for a new passport). It appears that my caffeine addiction has caused me to become a Starbucks fiend to the detriment of my financial situation.

However, the spark of hope among such desolation is that, thanks to blogs like Livingwellforless.com and the Saving Savvy book by Kelly Hancock, I am working out a budget that means I can buy my Venti-Extra-Hot-No-Water-Chai-Tea-Latte-To-Go on occasion and not be at the mercy of the bank.

Though in retrospect, I really should not have chosen the Spanish bank, Santander. I wavered between HSBC and the aforementioned but I was swayed by promises of an interest-free overdraft.

I plan to keep this blog up to date on my struggles with money, so watch out to see how a chronically disorganised 18 year old manages to discover financial self-control.

Have you had any unexpected bank balances before?
Anyone else lost the proof of their identification and nationality weeks before a holiday? If so, let me know.

All the best, your faithful blogger,



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